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Mô tả sản phẩm

XC809D series multifunctional CNC system is a new generation CNC system developed by our company. Support carving, milling, drilling, tapping processing. It adopts 32-bit high performance microprocessor, real-time multi-task control technology and hardware interpolation technology, full linkage, high speed small line segment foresight algorithm. 0.001mm interpolation accuracy, maximum speed 30 m/min. Is engraving machine, small machining center, CNC milling machine, CNC drilling machine the best choice.
Software and hardware features of the XC809D series:
★ Based on 32-bit microprocessor, full linkage, 0.001mm interpolation accuracy, maximum speed 30 m/min, support direction + pulse and orthogonal pulse.
★ 7 inch color widescreen LCD, resolution 800×480, Windows interface style. Equipped with 8 soft function keys, easy to operate and learn. Provide parameter classification, alarm log, system diagnosis and other rich display interface, convenient debugging and maintenance.
International standard G instruction, compatible with FANUC system instruction.
Support RS485 absolute value servo.
★40 kinds of G instruction, support drilling cycle, tapping cycle.
★ Parts program full screen editing, built-in 512M massive program space, can store 500 parts program.
★ With USB port, support USB flash drive file read and write, data backup.
★ Input 24(expandable to 96) points, output 24(expandable to 96) points (custom), flexible and convenient.
★ Chinese and English operation interface, complete help information, more convenient operation.
★ The system adopts acceleration and deceleration control before interpolation.
★ Support long tool and radius tool.
★ Support hand wheel test processing, convenient program debugging.
★ Supports multiple levels of operation rights, facilitates device management, and provides the time-limited system lock function.
★ It supports third-party software G code files such as UG, Mastercam, PowerMill, FeatureCAM, ArtCAM, JDPaint, and Wentech.
★ Support self-programming knife library, flexible use of a variety of knife library.

Technical specification
Basic work energy
Control axis number 3~6 axis (X, Y, Z, A, B, C)
3 axes :XC709DC, 4 axes :XC709DD, 5 axes :XC709DE, 6 axes :XC709DF,
Linkage axis number full linkage
Knife library support, need to edit knife library code
Spindle 2 analog spindles, of which spindle 1 can be digital spindles (occupy a digital shaft)
Spindle monitor
Minimum instruction unit 0.001 mm
Maximum instruction value ±99999999 x minimum instruction unit
Rapid feed speed 30,000mm/min
Fast feed rate F0, 25%, 50%, 75%,100%
Pulse mode 1: direction + pulse
2: Orthogonal pulse (if the driver supports, recommended, stronger anti-jamming)
The maximum frequency of 100Khz,200Khz and 500KHz can be set.
(500KHz can only be realized under the orthogonal output mode of all axes)
The feed rate is 0 ~ 150%
Electronic gear ratio 1 ~ 65535
Automatic acceleration and deceleration have
High speed small line segment foresight algorithm has
Hand wheel test processing has
Positioning G00 (linear interpolation positioning)
Interpolation line (G01), arc (G02/G03/G12), helix interpolation
Return to reference point Automatic Return to Reference Point (G28)
LCD 7 inch TFT LCD screen, resolution 800×480
8 soft keys
Step x1, x10, x100
Communication port USB flash drive port
External handwheel interface has
I/O interface 24/24(expandable to 96/96)
Pause (seconds) Yes
Quasi-stop state has
Storage trip check has
MDI operation has, support multi-stage operation
The jump switch has
Single segment run has
Program protection switch has
The self-diagnosis function has
Emergency shutdown
Single-phase AC220V+10%-15%, 50Hz±1Hz
Coordinate system machine tool coordinate system (G53), workpiece coordinate system (G92, G54 ~ G59), local coordinate system (G52), coordinate system plane specified
Automatic coordinate system Settings have
The decimal point input has
Assist the function
M2 number of auxiliary functions, M code custom, manual /MDI/ automatic control spindle positive rotation, reversal, stop; Control coolant start and stop; Control lubrication start-stop etc
Main shaft work
Spindle features double spindle
Digital spindle spindle 1 support, occupy one digital axis (Z-axis does not support), the speed is more stable.
Tapping support
Spindle simulation output has, double spindle
The tool is capable of working
Tool function to support automatic tool change, support points in the center of the knife, three points to set the center of the knife
Tool compensation Memory -9999.999 ~ 9999.999, 99 PCS
Tool compensation tool long tool and radius tool
Compilation operation
Edit function parameters, diagnostics by bit input, program editing, MDI multi-program segment execution
The storage capacity is 512 MB
Number of stored programs 500
Program name display Chinese, English, number, combination
Line lookup has
Skip any optional program segment that has
Program switch has
Display Chinese, English
The processing time and the number of parts are displayed
Spindle speed, M/S instruction has
Host size (mm)
Overall dimensions (height × width × thickness) 328×236×80
Opening size (H x W) 305 x 207

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